Thursday, July 14, 2011

Warvictims Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you before?
Fetebob; We are a band that are against war and the greedy moneymongers who fund them. Governments are bought and sold like stocks in the market. There is no security for the general anymore. Even if we are against war we support revolutions, sometimes its neacessary to use force. People in power choose violence for us, they are responsible. we play simple raw d-beat hard core... sweden is a deciving country in many ways but its pretty easy to find rehearsal place and to record here. We have been around for a while and have lots of releases. Unfortunatly we havent played any shows due to problems with members, we havent had a steady line up.

2. What is the meaning behind the bands name?
well, its a homage to all those who die in wars contsructed and funded by governments in the name of peace. All leaders and all goverments around the world are responsible for people dying. The name also reflect the struggle to survive withing a system who hates you and wants you dead.. There is a war going on towards all less fortunate people and we didnt choose that, they did it for us. The are gonna taste steal.

3. How would you describe your musical sound?
D-beat raw punk with swedish, english and japanese influences. our sound comes from the heart and it depends on what moode we are on. We use tube amps and lots of pedals.

4. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
As mentioned above, we havent played any shows during our existance, we have lots of other bands that we play with.. we are spread across the country and that doesnt help with the practicing situation. Our stage preformance would be "let everything go" the hatred and frustration buildt up inside will come lose some day. why not make it into a live situation?

5. Are there any plans to tour the United States?
When we are a real band we will try to tour everywhere.. unfortunatly im not allowed into the us for another 2 years so no visit there. There are lots of good people and bands in the us.. sad that i cant go.

6. What releases have you put out so far?
Blasting Concept vol. 1, comp CD (Tragic Scene)
Raw As Fuck Existence, comp TAPE (Raw Distro)
Death Is Inevitable, CDEP (DIYcrust)
When the Innocent Cry, CD-R (D-takt & Råpunk)
Krigsoffer EP, 7" (Svaveldioxid)
Doom Tribute, Comp 12"/CD (Helvete)
Split w/ Tortyr, 7" (D-takt & Råpunk)
D-Beat Destruction, 7" (D-takt & Råpunk/Up Yours)
Until Man Exists No More, 12" (Svaveldioxid/Undislessed)
Until Man Exists No More, TAPE (Black Seeds)
Split w/ High Tension, 7" (Vinyl Eaters)
Until Man Exists No More, CD (Contagium)
Until Man Exists No More, 12" (Dogma Destroyer/Crustpunks)
Scarred For Life - Discography, TAPE (Dogma Destroyer)
Scarred For Life - Discography, CD (Maca Ataka/Barricada Discos)
Total Destruction - Discography, CD (Discordia)
Lögnen Om Fredsavtalet, CD (Black Seeds)
Lögnen Om Fredsavtalet, 12" (Symphony Of Destruct./Inget Chafs)
Bellum se ipsum alet, 7" (D-takt & Råpunk/Phobia/Hardcore Attack)
Split w/ Besthöven, 7" (D-takt & Råpunk/Symphony Of Destruction)
Memories Of War, TAPE (D-takt & Råpunk)
Split w/ Flyblown, 12" (D-takt & Råpunk)
Split w/ Flyblown, CD (Black Seeds)
Dogs Of War, 7" (D-takt & Råpunk)
Split w/ Till Death, 10" (Burnt Bridges)
Domedagen, 12" (Crucificados)
Split w/ Sistemas De Aniquilacion, 7"(a bunch of labels)
Domedagen, CD (Crimes Against Humanity)
Split w/ Uncurbed, CD (Black Seeds) - OUT NOW!
Split w/ Surburban Showdown, 7" (Charred Bones/Subterranean)
Split w/ Uncurbed, 12" (D-takt & Råpunk) - OUT NOW!


*Split w/ Eliminate, 7" (M.N.D.)
*Thrashpunk terror rampage, 7" (Outrageous Defecation)
*Split w/ Besthöven, Krüel, Peace or Annihilation, 12" (Bombs Away, Crucificados)
*Seed-ition, comp TAPE (Symphony Of Destruction)
*Split w/ Skunk, 7" (one more label needed. get in touch!)
*Split w/ Emaciated, 7" (Distroy, Charred Bones?)
*Split w/ Disable, 7" (label needed! get in touch)
*Split w/ Deconformed, 7" (no certain release date yet)

7. Out off all the releases that you have put out so far which one are you the most satisfied with?
I havent been in the band from the, we are war beginning but i have always been updated with the stuff cause we are good friends. The idea about this and started somewhere 2005 i think.. personally i like "krigsoffer" 7", Split lp with flyblown, "domedagen" lp and Most they did between "lögnen om fredsavtalet" and when i joined. I really like the outcome of "Thrash punk terror rampage" 7" which isnt out yet.

8.How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
Jocke is really into reading about war and has alot of good points when we discuss it. the lyrics are very well thought out and nothing that just comes into your mind.. there has been so many wars and the strategy and awareness is different from eachother. War is created by greedy rich cunts who never see the reality of their decissons. Those who are really affected by their stupid shit are innocent human beings trying to survive, like in all countries, we are all warvictims.

9. I have read in a previous interview that you also have a zine that is done by some of the band members, can you tell us a little bit about the zine and what kinds of music that you cover?
I had nothing to do with the zine. It was a hoax alltogether but it made a remark in the swedish scene. It was made to be controvential, most have an aspect of it. When people make themselves too big they cant see what they do wrong. Its not about what you say in a magazine, its what you actually do and what you contribute with. Those who complain usualy dont do shit and have nothing to show for their name. This is not some funny Hobby, this is life.

10. Are there anty current side projects going on besides this band, if so who are they and what kind of music do they play?
Yeah ofcourse there is projects, warvictims is a project aswell. I play in alot of bands, its not really neacessary to list them all but for Giftgasattack i play guitar and bass for martyrdöd. Jocke A plays shitty hip hop. JOcke d-takt do vocals for Totalt jävla mörker and is a member of Medborgargardet which is a swedish hiphop-collective, he has a band called electric funeral that is great. He also play in this band desperat.

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
Well, one kind of music has influenced us through the whole game and that is the straight forward raw punk that is made in japan today and sweden and england during the 80s -90s. when it comes to listening its too much to list. since i am one of the collective i want the best for everyone. We endulge everything that is good in any way. Disclose and gism are my faves.. i dont know about the others sorry. Everything that has a point and makes you shine is important, no heroes, no masters, we are all equall.

12. What are some of your interests outside of music?
Since everything is lame in sweden there is not so much to give attention to. I like theatre and movies, arts and photo. When people can stand for their opinions we will again have a flourishing punk community. In my opinion most people can fuck off and die.

13. Any final words or thoughts?
"Life is no game and its not for the weak" be proud of who you are and stand your ground no matter what. Raw punk is what we live for. When i have the oppourtunity, read books by emma goldman and Emiliano Zapata. Im not really encountered with so much litterature fromout sweden. I read alot of feminist material which is important for me. Reacently alot of good people have been exposed to the public. i want to promote More Noize fanzine from London, Contorture band from gothenburg and Vixenish from japan.. Travell and see the world, there is so much out there more than lameass redneck lifestyly, peope in swedde are suckers and not evolving. Ozzy said once" you are no different from me" and that is still true. Those who put them selves on pedistals have lost their right to live. Im sorry i dint give more time to correct all misspellings and that im not so good with phrases. Thanx for the int.

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