Friday, October 7, 2011

RU-486/Cock Esp/Exterminate The Brutes/2009 Cassette Review

This is a review of the RU-486/Cock ESP split cassette ep which was released by Exterminate The Brutes Records during the year of 2009. RU-486 are a noise band from Missippii while Cock ESp are a noise band from Monnesota and we are going to start off the review with RU-486.

Ru-486 use alot of feedback as well as many different distortion pedals to create their own brand of harsh noise which they add grind/noisecore high pitched screams on top of the music and their lyrical content is very hateful, I have not heard noise like this since the early 90's when Japenese noise and JapCore where getting alot of attention in the underground music scene.

Cock ESp recorded their music at live shows and uses alot of noise effects with distortion pedals which have a mixture of high pitched grind/noisecore screams that also have a black metal influence on top of the music with a chainsaw being used as an extra effect and they dont really have any song lyrics and are the best band on this split.

In my opinion this is a very good cassete and if you are a fan of harsh noise as well as noise/grindcore you should like this release and the production on this tape is very raw and underground sounding, SUPPORT TRUE UNDERGROUND AND GET THIS SPLIT.

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