Monday, December 23, 2013

Morse Interview

1.Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days?
-Rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals for a new album really soon because some of the songs in this record are really olds now, we want fresh blood!! and a tour for this spring in France and Europe with our friends from the band Verdun. 

2.How would you describe the musical sound of the new album?
-We did'nt want a modern sound like others productions in the same kind of music and one of our expectation was a really loud bass's sound and i think we did it.

3.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the new release explores?
-I have a facination for the destroying side of the human being, so many of the album's songs talk about war and self destruction, why we spend so much money to kill each other, it's hilarious.
4.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name Morse?
-"Morse" means "Walrus", the band was named like this before i come in and i think it's just because it's a fat and disgusting animal just like our music.

5.What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
-It's a difficult question, we have played many good shows with awesome crowd but for me the best was our performance in the YELL FEST #1 a little festival in the middle of fucking nowhere it was so intense and chaotic, it was a really particular night for me but  the best is yet to come ;).
Our stage performance is, i think, really intense, every show is like the last.
6.Do you have any touring or show plans for the future?
-Yep, some shows in France for january, march and a tour in april-may in France and Europe. 

7.The new album came out on heads Records, how did you get in contact with this label and how would you describe the support they have given you so far?
-Head-records is our bassist's label and it's our first album so we did'nt want to lose time in a label research so Abel (bassist) says : "Fuck! We do that on head-records" and this motherfucker is a fucking pro so it was really cool to see all the stages creation of a record with him.     

8.Do you have any touring or show plans for the future?

9.What direction do you see your music heading into on future releases?
-We have on "Beliefs destroyer" three songs pretty heavy of the rest of the album  : "Made by monsters, Last resort and Kadahar" and i think these three songs should be the new orientation of their future songs.

10.What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
-Our guitarist (Mathieu) is a huge fan of doom, sludge, stoner music it's one of our influence, the drummer (Kevin) like jazz music and some hardcore bands too and Abel(bass) and i (Jean-Marc, singer) listen a lot of grind, hardcore, noise... take a fucking grinder and here it is... MORSE.
During the interview i'm listening "The Commodores-machine gun" HA HA one of the most funky album on earth! I see you smilling ! Stop it please.     

11.Outside of music what are some of your interests?
-Abel (Bass) and Kevin (Drums) choose music as way of life, Label and shows organisation for Abel and drums drums drums for Kevin, in different bands and he's also in a music school as student. Mathieu is infographist or something like that (haha) And... i hate talking about me.     

12.Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
-Yeah thanks for your interest in Morse man, We hope one day play in USA. Take care 


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