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PlasticBag FaceMask/What Makes A Time Bomb Tic/Skull Incision Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the projects for those that have never heard of you before?
Patrick: We started PlasticBag FaceMask to get something heavier from the generic band we were in together. We wanted to be completely original and become anything we wanted, never doubting or questioning each other and just going with the flow. After a couple of PlasticBag FaceMask releases I recorded a What Makes a Time Bomb Tic album, but after that realized the sound of it was not really what I wanted, so I went for an uglier and sloppier sound. Not knowing how to play guitar helped.

Jacob: PlasticBag started as a fun little escape, like Patrick said, from the monotonous band we were taking so seriously. Then that band quit so Plastic took over and became way cooler than we thought it would be. Skull Incision started in 2007, a year after generic-band started, and a year before PBFM. That was my experiment to produce songs on my own and sound like bands I was listening to on Myspace like Flesh Intoxication and wecamewithbrokenteeth. I mostly used it as recording and guitar practice, recording covers and silly little metal and grind songs. In 2010 I started making actual releases and taking it seriously.

2. How would you describe the musical sound of all of the musical projects and how they differ from each other?
Patrick: PlasticBag FaceMask is more experimental. Every album sounds different and reflects what we were into at the time. Peanut-Butter Radio reflects us being new and just busting out songs and having fun. After that, our release /b/ears!!1!11 showed more maturity as we were trying to get more serious and express our talents. Ironically, at the time we were really into poppy music so we dabbled in some singing and choruses. With our third album we wanted to write one long song and split it into separate tracks, which became one of our favorite releases to date. With that album we also wrote our first album of completely serious lyrics, which was more of a challenge but we still enjoy them. With our most recent release, we had actually disbanded and had some left over songs we never finished, so we got together to finish them and properly dubbed it Zombie since they were dead songs come back to life.What Makes a Time Bomb Tic's first release was very rushed and confused. Without really knowing what sound was wanted, it became a clusterfuck of genres that did not mesh well. After that, the project became very muddy and ugly, going after the not caring aspect while still trying to write quality and catchy songs. The second and third releases both reflected the proper sound of the band.

Jacob: PBFM's songs are very spastic and rarely repetitive unless we make them so on purpose, due to our writing process, which is also called IMPROVISING. We sometimes talk about what we want a certain album to sound like, heavier, faster, more melodic, whatever, but that never ends up happening when we actually get to writing. All our plans usually fall short and the results are accidents that are so much better than the original plan. The two of us bring the best out of each other so these songs are the fastest, hardest, most intricate and unique music we can play. PBFM I think has maintained it's own weird sound that combines dissonance and melody into one being.

Skull Incision's genres used to jump around all over the place, usually playing metalcore and stuff but weird variations of it. But for the past year I think I have found my home in Grindcore and its subgenres (however, it is probably in weird variations again). To avoid getting shit from butthurt internet people that will swear on their families that I am NOT GRINDCORE I always say I play metal influenced by grindcore and deathcore. I am not trying to claim grind, its just more music I love and what I identify with the most.

For a long time I have been calling What Makes a Time Bomb Tic dissonant progressive metalcore, because I think that is awesomely accurate. But his recent music, especially To the Ark, is so dark, gritty, and raw. I've seen people call it deathgrind, I think, and other really crazy names because really, what do you call it? Doomgrind? That sounds awesome. But seriously, WMATBT is such a fresh young creature that its hard to tell what beast it will grow into. We will see when it gets as old as Skull Incision.

3. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects you explore with the different bands?
Patrick: PlasticBag FaceMask's lyrics sometimes explore humor and sometimes explore very serious topics, such as love, hate, war, peace, life, and death. Sometimes they are very specific and obvious and other times they are vague and abstract to be left to interpretation.What Makes a Time Bomb Tic's lyrics vary. Aluminum Lakes featured some random lyrics, and some lyrics about a break up. It was a way to get over it and vent some of the rage. To The Ark is actually a concept album about the horror phenomenon Slenderman. The section of Trifarious Assault's vocals were actually mostly improvised. While there are lyrics, there is no record of what they are.

Jacob: Usually random. However, every Skull Incision release since Profits of Destruction has been very hateful. I'm angry at bigotry, war, destruction of the planet, dependance on things that make us less human and more robotic. Every songs has been about some important topic. I do like writing about scum who think they have it all until they realize they are trapped, about to fall, or taken down by force by the oppressed. Oh crap, and I love writing about unraveling sanity.

4. What are the meanings and inspirations behind the names out off all 3 of the bands?
Patrick: What Makes a Time Bomb Tic just sort of clicked one day. Being a big fan of puns, the name just made sense, and with the music being so ugly and making some people feels so tense, the name seemed to fit. PlasticBag FaceMask is a secret. Whenever people ask us we usually make up a story or just shrug.

Jacob: I found Skull Incision by reading through one of my mom's medical terminology books. I just wanted something blunt and violent like those cybergore bands I was inspired by.

5. I know that there has been live performances from PlasticBag FaceMask, what are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
Patrick: The best PlasticBag FaceMask show was probably one of the times we opened for Dance, Gavin, Dance. She show was sold out and the whole room seemed to really love us. We actually sold a lot of shirts, had a lot of movement, and unfortunately caused a few physical altercations in the crowd.

6. Can you tell us more about the label Plastic Skull Music and Recordings?
Jacob: I don't think it's really a label. I'd love to start one but it's pretty beyond me how those businesses work. My passion is recording so I had to give it a name. The Plastic Skull Bandcamp is all the music that I have recorded, for myself or others, and the store is all the stuff that those bands have to sell that I have made or they want to let me sell. So for now it is just those two websites but hopefully there will be a studio called Plastic Skull music and Recording soon.

7. On a worldwide level how have the 3 different projects been received by fans of underground music?
Patrick: PlasticBag FaceMask was actually pretty popular worldwide back in the days of MySpace, but since FaceBook and our less public manner we have died down from popularity. We had a lot of shit talkers and they were the best. We would also be walking down the street and hear, "PlasticBag FaceMask! lolbreakdown!" That song was the best and worst thing we have ever done to ourselves. What Makes a Time Bomb Tic has had albums downloaded over a thousand times, but with really no feedback to show the response from potential fans.

Jacob: I have learned a lot about how rough it is in the music world through these projects. We dug ourselves in a hole by playing the "fuck you" kind of metal that we do, having a nonprofessional professionalism, and barely playing shows to get our name out. Millions of bands are asking you to download their album on iTunes through the internet and we are just three more that play loud, abrasive metal that either goes too far against the grain or just isn't very good even in its own genre. But overcoming that, finding the right crowds, and communicated with cool blogs and whatnot like this is a learning experience. Anyway, as far as the question goes, PBFM has riled up quite a few people, especially in the Myspace days and at a few shows. That was our goal though. It was funny when people talked shit. Now our solo projects' audiences are pretty quiet except for our musician friends and split partners (Dog Snot, James Doesn't Exist, Noah Sias HOLLA).

8. Besides the 3 bands are there any other projects in the work?
Patrick: Right now, we actually have a project coming up featuring the two of us with the vocalist from a friend band called Forever Rising. Our goal is to be as heavy and brutal as possible. While being abstract is a wonderful freedom, this may cause some much needed discipline we have not had in a while. Other than that, I am just trying to book shows and record as many albums as possible. Maybe I will try to break the world record for most albums recorded in a day. It can not be very many, right?

Jacob: I hope to record more people. Every local band in need. And there are talks of jams and possible new projects but we are all full time workers now so it is difficult to find time. If you follow any of the three of these projects you will in no doubt hear about anything new that we do.

9. What direction do you see the 3 bands heading into on future releases?
Patrick: We just go wherever our musical minds take us. There will be a To the Ark II coming out soon with the same lyrical subject of Slenderman along with a release called Art, Officially that is hoped shows massive growth from the previous release for What Makes a Time Bomb Tic.PlasticBag FaceMask is going to finish the last album that was never finished, The Family Portrait, which is a concept album about the mafia and then we will take it from there and hopefully impress ourselves. I would really love to do splits every other album like Jacob does. It seems like an awesome way to make new fans and band friends.

Jacob: I'm working on another split with a dude called Deformed Elephant Surgery who makes badass synthcore, nintendocore, deathstep craziness. I'm changing my writing process up a bit so we will see how this turns out. I'm also churning ideas for a full length that I am hoping will sound completely new to SI, more atmospheric and epic. And I need to write something that people like my parents and my girlfriend will have an easier time appreciating.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
Patrick: The band See You Next Tuesday, may they rest in peace, actually inspired us a lot to start PlasticBag FaceMask. We also derive influence from bands like Pacifist, Psyopus, and The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza. We listen to a lot of different and separate styles and tend to meet in the middle which brings this bizarre mesh of genres that we call our own. We tend to influence each other most of all. I seriously listen to a lot of stuff and Jacob hates over half of it, which is awesome. I highly doubt What Makes a Time Bomb Tic would exist without Skull Incision because without that I would never have even tried to venture into a solo project. Besides, how would I have recorded it?

Jacob: Skull Incision owes a lot to Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Rise of Caligula, The Banner, and Converge. I take inspiration from so many bands because the only thing I love more than making and recording music is listening and learning from other songs and styles. Currently I keep digging, finding, and buying the gnarliest grind CDs I can. Everything I can get. The more DIY the better. But I have several other CDs on repeat: Aegaeon - Dissension, Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony, Vildhjarta - Masstaden, Zelliack - Noir Tone, and Tesseract - One. Other stuff I listen to all the time is Black Dahlia Murder, the Chariot, Daughters, Blood Brothers, American Me, Oceana, Fear Before...

11. Outside of music what are some of your interests?
Patrick: Our interests do lay mainly within music, where Jacob records and produces while I books concerts, but we do have some interests outside of that. I have a lot of interest in Body Modification and actually started a highly successful petition to add it to Equal Opportunity Employment. I sometimes will study actors and get really obsessed with them and watch all their movies. I also loves to read and write.

Jacob: Um. I like movies. I try to find movies equal to my taste in music. Besides my own musical stuff I pretty much work at my job and as being the world's best fan by buying merch and supporting bands like crazy. I'm a dork. And I hang out with my girlfriend a lot.

12. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
Patrick: Honestly, we just make music for ourselves and get so stoked when other people like it. We firmly believe in free music, so all of our stuff is free on our bandcamp. We love doing splits with people, so if any bands are interested in doing one with us we would love to do one one with you. We even did a three-way split with our friend Dog Snot and are planning one in the future with our friend and other solo band James Doesn't Exist. Everyone make sure to support your local music. Every big band started locally. Remember that.

Jacob: This was a fun interview, thank you very much. Support your local artists, DIY OR DIE, if someone is giving you their music for free, give it a listen, and then tell them what you think.

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PlasticBag FaceMask/The Family Portrait [Instrumental] Pre Production/Plastic Skull Music/2011 CD Review

  This  is  another  review  of  an  album  from  PlasticBag  FaceMask  called  "The  Family  Portrait [Instrumental Pre-Production]"  which  is  an  instrumental  album  from t he  band  which  was  released  in  2011  by  Plastic  Skull  Music.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  some  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music  at  times,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  influences  from  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore,  hardcore,  progressive,  experimental  and  math  metal  along  with  a  brief  use  of  soft  and  clean  playing  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  and  song  writing  are  absent  from  the  recording  with  the  music  being  all  instrumental,  while  the  song  themes  cover  hateful  and  every  day  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  PlasticBag  FaceMask  and  while  it  is  not  as  brutal  as  some  of  their  other  material  it  is  a  good  recording  ans  if  you  are  a  fan  of  instrumental  music,  you  should c heck  it  out.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "The  Officer"  "The  Distrust"  "The  Plan"  and  "The  Fall".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

PlasticBag FaceMask/ /b/ears!!1!11/Plastic Skull Music 2010 CD Review

  This  is  another  review  of  an  album  from  PlasticBag  FaceMask  called  "/b/ears!!1!11"  which  was  released  by  PlasticSkullMusic  in  2010  which  is  more  experimental  than  the  recent  material.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  noise  effects  bring  a  very  experimental  sound  to  the  music,  as  for  the  bass  playing  it  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  sound  with  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore  ,  hardcore,  experimental  and  math  metal  together  with  a  great  amount  of  technical  riffing  to  create  a sound  of  their  own  in  addition  there  is  a  brief  use  of  soft  and  clean  playing  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  deathcore  growls,  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams,  hardcore  style  yells  and  some  clean  singing,  while  the  lyrics  cover  hateful  and  humorous  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  PlasticBag  FaceMask  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should  check out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Smooth  As  A  Dead  Baby's  Bottom"  "I  Wish  Your  Mother  Had  Swallowed  You"  "I  Will  Make  You  Into  Luggage"  and  "I  Don't  Have  Any  Straight  Face".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.


PlasticBag FaceMask/Peanut-Butter Radio/Plastic Skull Music/2009 CD Review

  PlasticBag  FaceMask  are  a  band  from  California  that  has  had  their  previous  album  reviewed  in  this  zine  with  a  musical  style  that  mixes  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore,  hardcore,  experiemental  and  progressive  math  metal  together  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2009  album  "Peanut-Butter  Radio"  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  good  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast b eats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  this  recording,  as  forthe  sound  effects  when  they  are  utilized  they  bring  ethnic  and  experimental  sounds  to  the  music.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore,  hardcore  and  math  metal  together  along  with  some  experimental  and  progressive  riffing  that  bring  some  melodies  into  the  music  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  deathcore  growls,  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams,  pig  squeels  and  hardcore  style  yelling  along  with  a  brief  use  of  clean  singing  vocals  in  addition  there  are  some  spoken  word  parts  and  rapping,  while  the  lyrics  cover  perverted,  hateful  and  humorous  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  PlasticBag  Face  Mask  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Fill-In-The-Blank-Core"  "Fruits  Are  High  In  The  Trees"  "Beneath  The Plastic"  and  "Butt  Sex  Is  Wild  And  Don't  Cause  No  Child".  RECOMMENDED  BUY. 

What Makes A Time Bomb Tic/Aluminum Lakes/Plastic Skull Music/2011 EP Review

  What  Makes  A  Time  Bomb  Tic  are  a  band  from  California  that  has  had  their  previous  album  reviewed  by  zine  with  a  musical  style  that  combines   deathcore,  noisecore,  grindcore  and  math  metal  together  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2011  ep  "Aluminum  Lakes"  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  some  blast  beats  being  thrown  into t he  music  at  times,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  post  hardcore  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore  and  math  metal  along  with  some  progressive  riffing  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  deathcore  growls,  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams  and  hardcore  style  yelling  along  with  a  brief  use  of  clean  singing  being  used  on  the  last  song,  while  the  lyrics  cover  humorous  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  What  Makes  A  Tomb  Bomb  Tic  and  if  you  are a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACK  "Cherry  Kool-Aid".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

Skull Incision/Devolution/Platic Skull Music/2011 CD Rview

  This  is  another  review  of  an  album  from  Skull  Incision  called  "Devolution"  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music  which  utilizes  alot  more  cyber  grind  than  the  recent  releases.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  sound  with riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording,  as  for  the  sound  effects  when  they  are  utilized  they  bring  an  industrial  feeling  to  the  music  with  some  synths  being  utilized  on  one  song.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  cyber  grind,  grindcore,  deathcore  and  hardcore  together  along  with  some  technical  riffing   to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  in  addition  there  are  some  melodic  parts while  the  lead  guitars  are  post  hardcore  guitar  solos  and  leads,  as  for  the  acoustic  guitars  when  they  are  utilized  they  use  full  chords  and  finger  picking  to  bring  a  folk rock music  feeling  to  the  music.

  Vocals  range  from  deathcore  growls,  pig  squeels  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams  and  hardcore  style  yelling  along  with  some  spoken  word  samples  in  addition  there  is  a  brief  use  of  clean  singing  vocals, while  the  lyrics  cover  hateful,  gore,  humorous  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  Skull  Incision  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Air"  "Catching  Your  Death"  "Wasteland"  and  "Member  Dismemberment".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

Skull Incision/Alphabite/Plastic Skull Music/2010 CD Review

  This  is  another  review  of  a  Skull  Incision  called  "Alphabite"  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music  doing  the  year  of  2010  which  is  more  instrumental  than  the  later  recordings.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars and  at  times  they  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  hardcore,  punk,  math  metal,  noisecore  and  grindcore  together  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  along  with  some  dark  sounding  melodies  as  well  as  a  brief  use  of  soft  and  clean  playing  with  all  of  the  songs  being  short  in  length  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  and  song  writing  are  all  absent  from  this  recording  with  all  of  the  music  being  instrumental,  while  the  song  themes  cover  humorous  topics,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  to  it  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  Skull  Incision  and  while  some  fans  might  not  be  into  it  since  it  is  not  as  brutal  as  their  other  material  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  instrumental  music,  you should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Dizzy"  "Hairdressor"  "Narrative"  and  "Zero".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

Skull Incision/Nouns And Unrelated Nouns/Plastic Skull Music/2011 CD Review

  This  is  another  review  of  an  album  from  Skull  Incision  called  "Nouns  And  Unrelated  Nouns"  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music  in  2011  that  is  more  noisier  than  their  current  material.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars  and  at  times  they  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to them,  as  for  the  sound  effects  when  they  are  utilized  they  bring  an  experimental  music/  avant  garde/harsh  noise   feeling  to  the  music  with  one  of  the  songs  being  over  25  minutes  of  harsh  power  electronics.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore,  hardcore  and  experimental  music  to  create  a  sound  with  a  good  amount  of  heavy  distortion  behind  the  riffing  of  their  own  and  there  are  little  to  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording  except  for  one  of  the  bonus  tracks.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  deathcore  growls,  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams,  hardcore  style  growls  and  a  brief  use  of  clean  singing  vocals  in  addition  there  are  some  spoken  word  samples,  while  the  lyrics  cover  hateful,  humorous  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful  and  heavy  sound  to  it.

In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  Skull  Incision  which  is  alot  more  experimental  and  avant  garde  than  the  recent  recordings  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "The  Dude  Abides"  "This  Is  Another  Song"  "Bugs"  and "Toads".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.  

Skull Incision/Profits Of Destruction/Plastic Skull Music/2011 CD Review

  This  is  another  review  of  a  Skull  Incision  album  called  "Profits  Of  Destruction"  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music  in  2011  that  incorporates  more  down  tempo  riffing  than  the  previous  ones.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars  and  at  times  they  have  a  very  powerful sound  to  them.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  down  tempo,  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore  and  math  metal  together  with  a  brief  use  of  soft  and  clean  playing  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  and  there  are  no  guitar solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals range  from  deathcore  growls,  hardcore  style  screaming  and  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams,  while  the  lyrics  cover  Freudian  and  hateful  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  dark,  powerful  and  heavy  sound  to  it.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  Skull  Incision  that  is  alot  different  than  the  newer  material  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Blood  Mouth"  "O  Father  O'  Lord"  "Rats"  and  "Freudian  Decapitations".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.


Skull Incision/2012 Songs Review/Plastic Skull Music

 This  is  a  review  of  the  songs  that  Skull  Incision  put  out  this  year  on  a  split  with  Noah  Sias  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars  and  at  times  they  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them,  as  for  the  noise  effects  when  they  are  utilized  they  bring  an  experimental  edge  to  the  music.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  grindcore,  deathcore  and  math  metal  together  with  the  songs  being  more  raw  and  primitive  than  the  previous  split  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  the  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deathcore  style  growls  and  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams,  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark and  hateful  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  to  it.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  Skull  Incision  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should  check  it  out.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Insanity  For  Sanity"  "Sky  Tower"  and  "Filth".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.  

Skull Incision/James Doesn't Exist/Plastic Skull Music/2012 Split Review

  This  is  a  review  of  a  split  between  Skull  Incision  and  James  Dosen't  Exist  and  we  will  start  off  the  review  with  California's  Skull  Incision  a  band  that  mixes  noise/grind  with  math  metal  and  deathcore.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  good  amount  of  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars  and  at  times  they  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  grind,  deathcore  and  math  metal  together  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  with  the  songs  being  slower  and  longer  than  the  full  length  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  their  side  of  the  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  death  metal  growls,  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams  and  hardcore  style  yelling,  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark  and  hateful  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  heavy,  powerful  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  the  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  Skull  Incision which  is  a  little  bit  different  than  the  full  length  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  band,  you  should  check  it  out.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "The  Indulger"  "The  Martyrs"  and  "The  Proclamation".  RECOMMENDED.

  Next  up  is  James  Doesn't  Exist  from  Chigago  that  plays  grindcore  mixed  with  crust  and  math  metal.

  Drums  range  from slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  some  blast  beats,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  grindcore,  crust  and  math  metal  together  along  with  some  technical  riffing  which  does  not  really  appeal  to  me  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  their  side  of  the  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  crustcore  style  yelling  and  deep  death  metal  growls,  while t he  lyrics  cover  hateful  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  productio  it  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  sound  to  it.

  In  my  opinion  I  could  not  really  get  into James  Dosen't  Exist  it  is  just  not  my  style  but  they  might  appeal  to  some  people  that  are  more  into  that  kind  of  style.

  In  conclusion,  I  really  like  the  songs  from  Skull  Incision  but  was  not  impressed  with  James  Dosen't  Exist,  the  split  is  worth  buying  for  the  Skull  Incision  songs.  RECOMMENDED>  


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skull Incision/Endoparasit/Plastic Skull Music/2012 CD Review

  Skull  Incision  are  a  1  man  band  from  California  that  plays  a  mixture  of  noise  and  death  grind  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2012  album  "Endoparasit"  which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  riffing  that  dominates  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore  with  death  grind  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  death  metal  growls  to  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams,  while  the  lyrics  cover  hateful  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful  and  heavy  sound  to  it.

  In  my  opinion  Skull  Incision  are  a  very  great  mixture  of  noisecore  and  death  grind  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Clinging"  and  "hope".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.  

What Makes A Time Bomb Tick/To The Ark/Plastic Skull Music/2011 CD Review

  What  Makes  A  Time  Bomb  Tick  are  a  one  band  from  California  that  plays  a  mcxture  of  noise  and  grindcore  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2011  album  "Which  was  released  by  Plastic  Skull  Music.

  Drums  range from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noisecore,  grindcore  and  math metal  together  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  with  a  great  amount  of  really  short  songs  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  death  metal  growls  to  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams,  while  the  lyrics cover  hateful  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  heavy,  raw  and  primitive  sound  to  it.

  In  my  opinion  What  Makes  A  Time  Bomb  Tick  are  a  very  great  sounding  hybrid  of  noisecore,  grindcore  and  math  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Impurity"  "Signal"  "Warning"  and  "Ark".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

PlasticBag FaceMask/Zombie/Plastic Skull And Recording/2011 CD Review

  PlasticBag  FaceMask  are  a  band  from  California  that  plays  a  mixture  of  noise,  grindcore,  deathcore and  post  hardcore  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2011  album  "Zombie"  which  was  released  by  Plastic Skull  And  Recording.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  noise  effects  bring  a  very  dark  and  avante  garde  edge  to  the  music  along  with  some  dub  step  elements,  as  for  the  bass  playing  it  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noise,  grindcore,  deathcore  and  post  hardcore  together  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own  with  a  great  amount  of  weird  distorted  parts  being  thrown  into  the  music  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  are  mostly  high  pitched  grindcore  screams  mixed  in  with  some  post  hardcore  style  yelling  as  well  as  some  deep  death  metal  growls  in  addition  there  is  a  brief  use  of  clean  singing  being  utilized  on  a  couple  of  songs,  while  the  lyrics  cover  hateful  and  humor  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  PlasticBag  FaceMask  are  a  very  great  sounding  hybrid  of  noise,  grindcore,  deathcore and  post  hardcore  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Stop,  Ur  Macking  Me  Mad"  "i'm  Gonna  Buy  An  Octopus"  and  "Patrick,  You  Are  So  Depressing".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Martyrdod/Paranoia/Southern Lord Records/2012 CD Review

  Martydod  are  a  band  from  Sweden that  plays  a  very  melodic  and  dark  form  of  crust/grind  mixed  in  with  some  punk  rock  and  this is  a  review  of  their  2012  album  "Paronoia"  which  was  released  by  Southern  Lord  Records.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  good  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  crust  punk  with  grindcore  along  with  some  dark  sounding  melody  being  thrown  into  the  riffing  in  addition  the  songs  are  very  long  for  this  genre  while  most  songs  of  this  type  are  usually  2  to  3  minutes  at  the  most,  while  the  lead  guitars  are  very  raw,  primitive  and  chaotic  sounding  crust  punk  guitar  solos  and  leads  that  utilize  some  melody  at  times.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  death  metal  growls  that  have  a  depressive  feeling  to  them  that  kind  of  reminds  me  of  black  metal  along  with  some  high  pitched  grindcore  screams  in  addition  there  is  a  brief  use  of  spoken  word  parts,  while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  Swedish  and  cover  dark  and  hateful  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  dark,  powerful  and  heavy  sound  to  it.

In  my  opinion  Martydod  are  a  very  great  sounding  crust  punk,  grindcore  hybrid  with  a  melodic  edge and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Overkom  Er  Radsla"  "Ett  Hjarta  Av  Eld"  "Paranoia"   and  "Avbon".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Equal Minds Theory/Self Titled/Octopus Management/2011 CD Review

  Equal  Minds  Theory  are  a  band  from  Russia  that  plays  a  mixture  of  noise,  grindcore  math  metal  and  post  hardcore  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  self  titled  2011  album  which  was  released  by   Octupus Management.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  good  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  noise  effects  bring  a  very  dark  and  avant  garde  sound  to  the  music,  as  for  the  bass  playing  it  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  heavy  riffing  that  dominates  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noise  and  grindcore  with  post  hardcore  and  math  metal  with  alot  of  many  different  time  changes  being  thrown  into  the  riffing  and  there  are  little  to  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on this  recording  except  for  the  last  song  and  it  haves  a  blues  rock  feeling  to  it.,  as  for  the  acoustic  which  are  only  utilized  briefly  they  use  full  chords  to  bring  a  very  experimental  avant  garde  edge  to  the  music.

  Vocals  range  from  high  pitched  noise/grindcore  screams  to  hardcore  style  yelling,  deep  death  metal  growls  and  melodic  post  hardcore  parts,  while  the  lyrics  cover  philosophical  and  everyday  themes,  as for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  Equal  Minds  Theory  are  a  very  great  sounding  noise,  grindcore,  math  metal,  post  hardcore  hybrid  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Oceanbound"  "The  Nomads"  "Grindiac"  and  "Hollows  Earth".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.  

Antigama/Stop The Chaos/Selfmadegod Records/2012 CD Review

  Antigama  are  a  band  from  Poland  that  plays  a  mixture  of  crust  and  grindcore  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2012  album  "Stop  The  Chaos"  which  was  released  by  Selfmadegod  Records.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording,  as  for  the  sound  effects  they  are  only  used  briefly  on  a  couple  of  songs  and  add  a  feeling  of  darkness  as  well  as  an  experimental/ambient  edge  to  the  music.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  crust  punk  and  grindcore  together  with  a  Polish  death  metal  feeling  along  with  some  more  modern  day  elements  as  well  as  a  great  amount  of  weird  sounding  distorted  parts  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  are  a  mixture  of  deep  death  metal/crust  growls  and  high  pitched  grindcore  screams,  along  with  some  samples  in  addition  there  is  a  brief  use  of  clean  singing,  while  the  lyrics  cover  hateful  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on t his  recording.

  In  my  opinion  Antigama  are  a  very  great  and  original  sounding  crust/grindcore  hybrid  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "The  Law"  and  "Inticrate  Trap".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Usurpress/In Permanent Twilight/Selfmadegod/2012 CD Review

  Usurpress  are  a  band  from  Sweden  that  mixes  Swedish  style  death  metal  with  crust/punk  and  this  is  a  review  of  their 2012  album "In  Permanent  Twilight"  which  was  released  by  Selfmadegod.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  tone  with  some  crustcore  riffing  that  dominates  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  Swedish  style  death  metal  with crustcore  along  with  some  dark  sounding  melodies ,  while  the  lead  guitars  are  very  raw  and  primitive  sounding  crust  punk  guitar  solos  and  leads.

  Vocals  are  mostly  deep  death  metal growls  with  a  brief  use  of  clean  singing  being  utilized  on  one  song,  while  the  lyrics  cover  hateful  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful,  heavy  and  professional  sound  where  you  can  hear  all of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  Usurpress  are  a  very  great  sounding  Swedish  death  metal/crustcore  hybrid  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Unpunished"  "The  Iniated(Will  Fall)"  "Primitive  Majesty"  and  "Permanent  Twilight".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

EYETOFUK Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you before?

I'll put this briefly, for the more extended story read our bio on our Myspace site. I started
the project back in 2004, did a demo "Wankfest 2666" using only the samples, tried to be as over the top as possible, because I was excited to rediscover my love for Goregrind and also then emerging cybergrind with bands LIBIDO AIRBAG. AMOEBIC DYSENTERY and INTENSE SOAKED CLOTH being prime influences.
After a couple years I decided to involve real instruments, so the first full EYETOFUK line up was born and recorded "Drufuked & Pornified" split CD with PUTRID WHORE released by Grindhead Records in 2007. Since other guys had their main bands this line up dissolved and I went back to DJ'ing. Couple years later I assembled another line up and we recorded "Orgazmik Holofukout". Both guitar and bass players come from the best Lithuanian Death Metal band DISSECTION which will be familiar to old Death Metal fans who were involved in tapetrading scene in 1990's. Those two guys may have become older and changed their names, but they rip at their instruments with the same energy and zeal as 20 years ago. So we are experienced perverts, hahaha!

2. How would you describe your musical sound?

Interesting question and my answer may be different to the listeners' perception. The drum beats are mainly rooted in classic Drum'n'Bass patterns, but speeded up and broken down. This is mixed with psychelelic/noisy/experimental interludes. After the rhythm tracks are laid down we work on adding insane energy, so El Zoth (guitars) comes up with burning riffs and he's heavily influenced by SLAYER and OBITUARY. So some of that definitely reflects in the tracks. Then we record dark basslines with Don Peezo and I do the vocals. I like to see vocals as another instrument, so they're heavily processed to invoke alien sounding primitive beast called Xlip! So this would be goregrind element maybe, I love heavily pitchshifted vocals, but many of those bands don't use the full possibilities to fuck them up, haha! And I try to do that! But the main thing for me is energy - the song has to tear your roof off, make you wanna stomp around and kick shit up or just bang your head like crazy! But we did 3 tracks on the album with Baron Blakk on guitars who also played/growled in CONSCIOUS ROT back in 90's and they've turned out more darker/creepier and slower than the rest of them.

3. What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the band explores with the music?

OK, simply put all the fun things we love to do or watch, but not always admit to! Porno, gore, drugs, crime, horror, aliens. But with a dark sarcastic twist. This is very important! It is basically a reflection on what mainstream "alternative" media feeds the people. It is that shit that we take in, turn around and throw back in the form of this musickal insanity. In my work I get to watch lots of movies and can get some unusual samples, so many tracks took lyrical ideas from them. 
For example "Orgasm Killed Bill" is our little tribute to David Carradine , "Godsperm" was influenced by the movie "Chemical Wedding", "Breakass Sacrifice" directly influenced by... "Bad Santa", hahaha! One of the funniest movies and Bill Bob Thornton is a bad motherfucker!

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the bands name?

It's a play on words and my tribute to short-lived project EAT MY FUK by guys from AUTOPSY - the best Death Metal band ever! Also it sounds harsh, so this reflects the music as well. Not many would like to be fukked in the eye, right? But figuratively speaking, we'are all being fucked through our eyes constantly, if you get my drift. Just turn on the TV and the mindfucking begins!

5. Has the band ever done any live shows, if so what are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?

Not... yet. I have a very distinct vision of the live show though, we did couple rehearsals recently, basically played a few tracks from the album live in the studio, they were filmed and maybe some day I'll post them on Internet. Since both guys play with other bands, it's not a problem to rehearse for a show, but we have many other things going on and EYETOFUK will play live only if the offer is seriously generous, haha! The main problem is that all 3 members live/move around different countries and logistical issues ensue. But look at ULVER, they played their first show after... what, 19 years of existence, so we have time, haha!

6.You have put out some music on Torn Flesh Records, how did you get in contact with this label and how would you describe the support that they have given you so far?

Yeah, Torn Flesh are fucking great! This is how it must be done in this Internet age. We wrote to the guy and he agreed to distribute the album through their channels. For me the main priority is to let as many people freely hear "Orgazmik Holofukout" as possible. We're are using computer as another instrument but instead of making purely electronic music, we mix it up with Death and Thrash Metal riffs and gory alien vocals. Torn Flesh is up for putting as much insane music on the Internet for free as humanly possible and we'll see where it goes. I'm just excited to see what will happen and it's important that this label puts out releases consistently. I don't know any other net label which specializes in such diverse extreme underground music, so for me it is very cool thing to be part of. Every week your can hear a couple new albums, some might be good, some crap, 
but people make that music because it's fun and they want to, not for any other reasons. This is the real underground of 2012. 

7. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of grindcore?

In this age of "free-for-all" mentality and the whole world of music couple mouse clicks away not many things stick into people's minds for long time, but I've read some very varying and mixed responses/reviews. Some seem to like it very much, others hate it, there seems not to be middle ground, so this means that we pluck at some deep strings, haha! You can Google all reviews if you like, but I don't think fans of pure grindcore like us very much. Anyway, it's fun to read some reviews where people go totally off the mark of what EYETOFUK is all about, but before you make an opinion, you must listen to the album fucking loud and on a decent powerful speakers. Then it will suck you into another universe! The bass will bulldoze you into the ground! The vocals will eat your face!

8. Are there any other projects besides this band or is this a full time line up?

At this time Don Peezo plays with new Death/Thrash act STORMGREY and El Zoth is hidden somewhere in Portugal mountains. I'm working on electronic/ambient songs for yet unnamed project. Also I just put some EYETOFUK lyric videos on YouTube to sing along in karaoke style ( and there are 3 new tracks in the working stages right now, missing only bass and vocals. The line up will probably stay the same or maybe won't, we will see, it's hard to tell, it's not that we're bound by any contracts or shit to keep this project together, but it was very cool to rehearse those tracks, so I'd like to do a live show when opportunity comes along... in 10 years or so, haha!

9. What direction do you see your music heading into on future releases?

I can tell you that new tracks are turning out quite slower and more punchy, more industrial sounding, but I don't know how they will turn out in the end. Still there will be insane, over the top energy, otherwise it won't be EYETOFUK. We've two completely finished tracks from 2011 - "Kosmik Swamp" and "Fuk Goes Round", but I'm in no hurry to release them. I don't want to put out stuff just for the sake of it, but they sound a bit slower and catchier than tracks on "Orgazmik Holofukout" album. 

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

Man, I could go on forever on this, I'm listening to lots of different music, you can find quite a long list of the bands which influenced EYETOFUK on our site ( Nowadays I listen to stuff raging from Death, Grind, Thrash to Downtempo, Dub, Reggae, Stoner, IDM, Ambient even some country like Hank 3 or Johnny Cash. For example this week I'm really ejoying new OVERKILL album "The Electric Age ", TORMENTED's "Rotten Death", HIGH ON FIRE's "De Vermis Mysteriis", TOSCA's "No Hassle", CHINESE MAN's "Racing With The Sun" and many many more. First and foremost I'm the music fan, so I like to listen to different music depending on the mood, it's the best drug! 

11.Outside of music what are some of your interests?

The biggest interest outside music is shotokan karate, I also love riding my mountainbike, travelling, reading and generally chilling around, although there's less and less time for that unfortunately, haha!

12. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?

First of all thanx for interest and interview! I just want to add that EYETOFUK is sort of on-off project, sometimes we lay dormant, sometimes there are bursts of creativity, so be sure to check our Myspace page from time to time! I'm also interested in collaborations with other people, so you can always email me at <> There are still a few copies of the original "Orgazmik Holofukout" CD-R available with proper covers and lyrics for 8 USD or 6 Euro. Or download it by visiting our Myspace page and share it with your friends and enemies, haha!!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Phobia/Remnants Of Filth/Willowtip/2012 CD Review

  Phobia  are  a  band  from  Orange  County,  California  that  has  a  history  that  goes  back  more  than  20  years  that  plays  a  musical  style  that  I  would  describe  as  being  brutal  crust/grindcore  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2012  album  "Remnants  Of  Filth"  which  was  released  by  Willowtip.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  sound  with  grindcore  riffs  that  dominate  throughout  the  recording.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  crust  and  grindcore  together,  while  the  lead  guitars  when  they  are  utilized  are  very  primitive  sounding  crust/grind  guitar  solos  and  leads.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  death  metal  growls,  crustcore style  yelling  and  high  pitched  grindcore  screams  along  with  some  spoken  word  samples  being  thrown  in  at  times,  while  the  lyrics  cover hateful,  political,  drinking  and  everyday  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  a  very  strong,  powerful  and  heavy  sound  to  it  where  you  can  hear   all  of  the  musical  instruments  that  are  present  on  this  recording.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  album  from  Phobia  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  brutal crust/grindcore,  you  should  check  this  album  out.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Dementia  Having  Overdose"  "Let  It  Go"  "No  Sympathy  For  The  Weak"  and  "Filthy  Fucking  Punks".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hellterror/War Of Idiocracy/Dis-Organ-Ized Net Label/2010 EP Review

  Hellterror  are  a  band  from  Malaysia  that  plays  crust/grindcore  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2010  demo  "War  Of  Idicracy"  which  was  released  by  Dis-Organ-Ized  Net  Label.

  Drums  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  drumming  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  sounding  blast  beats  being  thrown  into  the  music,  while  the  bass  playing  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars  and  at  times  they  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them.

  Rhythm  guitars  range f rom  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  crust  punk  with  grindcore  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  deep  crust/grind  growls  to  high  pitched  grindcore  screams,  while  the  lyrics  are  written  in  Malaysian  and  cover  hateful  and  every  day  themes,  as  for  the  production  it  has  very  dark,  heavy,  raw  and  primitive  sound  to  it.

  In my  opinion  Hellterror  are  a  very  great  sounding  crust/grindcore  hybrid  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Ceritakan"  "Sial"  "puas"  and  "Toxicology".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

EyeToFuk/Orgasmik Holofukout/Torn Fleash Records Net Label/2010 Album Review

  EyeToFuk  are  a  band  from  the  U.K  that  plays  a  mixture  of  porno  grind,  industrial,  death  metal  and  breakcore  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2010  album  "Orgasmik  Holoefukout"  which  was  released  by  Torn  Flesh  Records  Net  Label.

  Drum  programming  ranges  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  beats  with  a  great  amount  of  brutal  blast  beats  being  programmed  into  the  music,  while  the  samples  bring  the  experimental,  noise,  industrial  and  breakcore  influences  into  the  music,  as  for  the  bass  playing  it  has  a  very  dark  tone  with  riffs  that  follow  the  riffing  that  is  coming  out  of  the  guitars.

  Rhythm  guitars  range  from  slow,  mid  paced  to  fast  riffs  that  combine  noise,  gindcore  and  death  metal  together  and  there  are  no  guitar  solos  or  leads  present  on  this  recording.

  Vocals  range  from  distorted  sounding  death  metal  growls,  high  pitched  grindcore  screams  along  with  a  great  amount  of  samples  from  porno  films,  while  the  lyrics  cover  porno,  satanic,  demented  and  gore  themes,  as  for  the  production  it has  a  very  strong  and  powerful  sound  to it.

  In  my  opinion  EyeToFuck  are  a  very  great  sounding  industrial/noise/porno/death/grind  hybrid  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  style  of  music,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Sweet  Satan  Pill"  "Drugsexual  Abscess"  "Alien  Sex  Slayer"  and  "Orgasm  Killed  Bill".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fuck The Facts/Escunta/Xuriiux/2002 CD Review

  This  is  another  review  of  a  release  from  Fuck  The  Facts  called  "Escunta"  which  was  released  by  Xuriiux  during  the  year  of  2002  and  on  this  recording  they  go more  for  a  harsh  experiemntal  noise/grind  sound.

  Noise  effects  are  all  harsh  sounding  power  electronics  with  a  great  amount  of  heavy  distortion  as  well  as  a  great  amount  of  samples  and  spoken  word  samples,  in  addtion  there  are  alot  more  melow  sounding  experiemental/industrial  noise  parts  in  the  music  as w ell  as  some  drum  programming  on  the  last  song.

  Vocals  when  they  are  utilized  are  all  deep  distorted  sounding  death/grind  growls  and  screams  along  with  some  hip hop  style  beats  with  a  great  amount  of  heavy  guitar  distortion  behind  the  music,  a  for  the  production  it has  a  very  dark,  raw  and  primitive  sound  to  it.

   In my  opinion  this  is  another  great  recording  from  Fuck  The  Facts  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  experimental/harsh  noise,  you  should  check  it  out.  RECOMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "My  Revenge" "Kill  Matt  With  Alcohol"  and  "They  Call  It  Dance  Musick".  RECOMMENDED  BUY.