Saturday, September 10, 2011

Abberant Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with the band these days?
JP is the new drummer and after a long search, we are very satisfied with our decision. He is definately the man for the job.
We have a new 2xLP coming out in April. 33 tracks, 62 minutes called "COMPLETE GRINDWORKS" this is a full discography with 3 unreleased tracks. Fucking brutality you can get copies hit us up...
We are going into the studio the beginning of June to track for a split with DER(Brasil) that will be released via CRIMINAL ATTACK & KARASU KILLER. Also to be tracks in the same session are tracks for a full CD titled "THE TORTURE SESSIONS" to be released via SCROTUM JUS. We also have lined up split 7'"s with Minneapolis' AMBASSADOR GUN to be funded by PANGEA RECORDINGS & LEGION PRODUCTIONS.... a split with SMG (Malaysia), LIVET SOM INSATS (Sweden) and DARGE (Japan)... we need label support for the rest of these releases so hit us up if your into it...
So yea were writing a lot right now and got a few shows lined up... the first in 4 years....
New t-shirts and badges as well...yo send your moms' cash...

2. How would you describe your musical style for those that have never heard you before?
I think I would have to call it punk influenced death metal gettin fucked in the ass by some old school hardcore i guess! play fast with a few breakdowns here and there! I just write what I write and this is what comes out! Yay grind!!

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
Aberrant means: straying from the right course, deviation of the norm.... fuck yes isn't that what we're all doing deviating from the norm?

4. I have noticed alot of line-up changes over the years, who is in the current line-up?
Chris-guitar...JP-the drummer...Alton-vocals

5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far?
with Magrudergrind in 04 cuz they kick ass....with Wasteoid at Monkey Mania...with Axes to the Sky in a basement in Lincoln people crowd a basement show in Pueblo we played was pretty sick....Fall of the Bastards/Wormwood show was epic. Lincoln, Nebraska just rules everytime we've went...tripping shrooms in Minneapolis after Cutthroat Hoods/Useless Wooden Toys show.. Cant forget the show @ BarBar that was epic people were breaking shit left and right..

6. According to your Myspace page you have some shows lined up for Japan, how did you get the hhok up for the shows?
umm a lot of begging and begging and some more begging and I think Chop has to buy kneepads for the trip, but yea we're on this years GRIND FREAKS FEST at Huck Finn and will play two other shows with DARGE from Japan.... we can't wait!! Also lined up for March 1-14 2011 is a Brazilian don't wanna ask what we had to do for that...

7. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
Well, I've got some weird obsession with fucking people up, maybe I watch to many gore/exploitation flicks or my momma didn't hold me but yea I write a lot about that... some odes to older Minor Threats' "Betray"...Kreators' "Betrayer"... some just about how I feel that day, or possibly the operation instructions for my new generator?

8. Out off all the releases that you have put out so far which one are you the most satisfied with?

9. I know that the band originated in Colorado, then located to Alabama and then came back to Colorado, how would you compare the grindcore scene in both states?
Well the band never moved to Alabama, Chris did for work reasons and the og drummer lives there, so we gave it a shot,but didnt work out! Aberrant will always be 303! Alabama doesnt have much for grind but they have a pretty tight little scene any band rollin through will get a good show!! Colorado scene fuckin rules but is has it drama just like every scene haha!!

10. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future relses?
Like Chris said we play what we like/how we feel. The rest falls into place. We hope to deliver faster more brutal work but who knows what comes to the surface...maybe an ode to Bathory or Venom...

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
Damn, I'm a huge music fan, i've got thousands of records(not embelishing either). I love old school El Dopa, Ojo Rojo, Integrity, Sheer Terrror, Reagan Youth, Code 13, Destroy, Assrash, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Adrenalin OD!!, Circle Jerks, Laughing Dog(homies), Haemorrage, Machetazo, 324, Iron Maiden!!!, Tankard, Budgie, Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Johnny Cash, the new Magrudergrind stuff slays.... I listen to it all including some Robert Johnson, BB King and John Lee Hooker....

12. What are some of your interests outside of music?
ummm myself(Alton) I'm into Shaolin Kenpo, medical marijuana, and vinyl(oh wait vinyl is music) haha...

13. Any final words or thoughts? In the words of Adrenalin OD....BUY OUR RECORDS! Watchout for our late 2010 80260 7-11 tour....we bought a generator and plan to play each and every 7-11 parking lot until we get removed, then we'll go to the next...!!!!

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