Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Synapse Defect/MP3's Review

Synapse Defect are a band from Atlanta, Georgia that plays a mixture of death metal, grindcore, noise, hardcore and a little bit of a black metal influence and this is a review of their MP3's from their website.

Drums sound very technical with alot of fast parts mixed in with some brutal sounding blast beats, while the bass playing seems to have a simple punk/grind feel and the riffs follow the guitars and drums.

Guitars on the MP3's are mostly rythms with alot of fast riffs which sound technical at times and you can hear some very noisy parts as well, while the vocals are mostly death/grind growls mixed with some high pitched screams as well as the ocasional pig squel which is not really my kind of thing, maybe it is an age thing.

Production on the MP3's sounds good and you can hear all of the instruments, while the lyrics seem to cover humorous topics. In my opinion this band is very good for the style of grindcore they play and while this is not really a style I listen to that often, I feel this band is really good and I can hear some talent and they seem to be true to their music which is a good thing and a takes alot for a newer grindcore band to catch my attention and Synapse Defect suceeds where others have fail.

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