Thursday, September 22, 2011

Noisear Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Noisear these days?
We just signed to Relapse Records actually got an album coming out in feburary and we will be playing Maryland Death Fest as well as tour supporting the new album .

2. How did you get in contact with Releapse Records?
Just through mutual friends like Regurgitate, Cephalic Carnage, just pretty much through being around for the last 12 years playing sick grind in Albergurqee.

3. What kind of expectations do you have from Relapse once the new album comes out?
We are actually happy working with them and we like the way that they do promotion and distribution do they do worldwide, we are trying to get more people to try our music out, it seems to me they are speading like a wildfire in approach to back in the day when there was no internet or anything and there was only trape trading, people writing each other letters.

4. Do you have any touring plans for the new album once it comes out?
We are going to do 6 or 7 dates all the way up to Maryland Death Fest and 4 or 5 all the way back down from Baltimore back to New mexico, we might be playing a show too iwith a band from Europe, we will be doing a record release party in Alberquergee next month hopefully

5. How has the scene in New mexico been growing in the last few years?
Actually our whole band is spread out with a couple of members living in Dallas, Texas and the other 2 live in New Mexico so it is hard to get shows together and we have to plan like 3 or 4 months ahead of time everytime we do live shows.

6. Are there still any live venues out there like The Compound?
Yeah that is still going on it has moved down to a new pad and it is not known as the Compound anymore.

7. What is going on with the other project Laughing Dog these days?
Laughing Dog is still doing alot of stuff they got Jason Crawford from Nuclear Ass Records doing vocals and our bass player from Noisear is still keeping Laughing Dog going on strong actually, they do most of the shows we cant do in Alberquergee since we are scattered in different states.

8. how would you describe the musical sound of the new album that is coming out?
It is going to blow everyone away it is probably the most solid production wh have ever had, the most straight forward and the most professional recording we have ever done pretty much and it is still maintaning that whole grindcore element behind it and I think everyone is going to be surprised when they hear it, it is defianatly not what everyone is expecting, We got Rodney from Insect Warfare on there doing quest vocals on like 6 or 7 songs, it is 29 songs alltogether, the new album.

9. What are some of the lyrical subjects the new album touches on?
It is mostly political like things that are going on in the world, there are a few songs about the oil spill and there is a few songs about how the media does not cover any of the shit that is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is pretty much the same topics that we have covered through the years like that everyone is brain washed in society like how that people believe in lies, and that people believe in everything that they are told and that they are not seeking the truth.

10. Out of all the places that you have toured in the last 12 years which one did you enjoy the most?
So far the only places that we have gone to has been every state in the U.S.A, there are some places that we would like to go to such as Europe, Japan or Australia or anywhere pretty much outside of the U.S is what we want to do, we want to play places like the Chezch Republic and than go to Japan if everything works and that everybody can get their shit together.

11. Do you have any other record labels working with you besides Relapse Records?
We have alot of different labels that are ready to help us out not only in the United States but over seas too like SelfMadeGodRecords in Poland and a bunch of different people willing to help us out with everybody in that band getting it together when we practice and rehears or what not.

12. What direction would you like to take the music into during the future?
We are going to try to break the envolope and barriers with something new that no one has ever heard and what no one expects.

13. How has the reaction been to your band from grindcore fans worldwide?
We just want everybody to feel the grind, blast, mosh and taking it in a different direction then having somebody kill someone or commiting crimes.

14. What are some of the bands or musical styles that have influenced your musical sound?
Discordance Axis, Abscess, Human Remains, Lithurgy, to name a few... Assuck, No Comment and stuff like that... Hail Of Rage, pretty much old school Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Anal Cunt and the most extreme grindcorein the last 20 years.

15. What are some of your influences outside of grindcore?
We also listen to jazz, underground hip hop, we listen to weird shit like fussion, experimental stuff, noise, ambient pretty much undergound hip hop and pretty much a little bit of everything.

16. What are some of your interests outside of music?
We love skateboarding, hiking, smoking weed.

17. Do you have anything else that you want to say before closing the interview?
Thanks to you for doing the interview and I appreciate the call.

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