Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dispepsiaa Interview

1. Can you give brief history of the band?

Rafael: Started in 2004. Released a demo cd-r called "Cadaveric", a split cd-r with WARSORE and we joined the v/a "An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assaul Vol. 2" cd...lots of line up changes. Broke up for 4 months in 2007. DISPEPSIAA nowadays is Ronaldo, Ivan and me.

2. How would your describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Rafael: A collision between fast, agressive, dirty and raw music with Gaspar Noe's "Seul Contre Tous".

3. I notice when I listened to your music you seem to be in the old grindcore vein which is a good thing, what is your opinion of the new grindcore that is hardcore influenced and utilizes pig squels?

Rafael: Well..for me, grindcore WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE an extension of hardcore. Firstly, DISPEPSIAA is a hardcore band. These kind of new way to "grind" that we got nowadays..doesn't have nothing with hardcore. About that pig vocals and this new way of playing that it DOESN'T HAVE NOTHING IN COMMOM WITH GRINDCORE..that's not my thing.

4. What is the meaning bshind the bands name?

Rafael: DISPEPSIAA (we added one a in the band's name) means dyspepsia in english. It is a disorder of digestive function characterized by discomfort or heartburn or nausea. In our vision..that fits perfectly as the band is. Not digestable at all. The band's name idea came from our first singer Kid which is no longer in the band.

5. What releases have you put out so far?

Rafael: Check the first question about what we've released already. But very soon..we'll got some new stuff on hands that are a split 7" with VIOLENT GORGE on Bullshit Propaganda Records, a split 7" with SUBCUT on Rescued From Life Records, a collaboration with Eric Wood from BASTARD NOISE to a split 7" with WADGE on Filth Ear Records and a re-release of our first demo named "Cadaveric" on tape by Bringer Of Gore Tape Division.

6. How would you describe your musical progress over the years?

Rafael: Natural. We don't sound exacly as the first demo, but that doesn't mean that we sound totally different or something..we're the same band totally into oldschool grindcore that sounds a little bit different from when we started. Just a natural progress. And by the way, we really don't think about it.

7. What direction do you see the new material going into?

Rafael: As i told ya..we really don't think about it.

8. What are some of the best shows that you have played so far?

Rafael: The last gig wich was our first with the new singer was rad..the last one with the last singer too..have playing with KUOLEMA in in the end of 2005 has a special place in my heart too...mmmmm....those were the ones i remember.

9. Are there any plans for a U.S or European tour?

Rafael: Unfortunately not.

10. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?

Rafael: Our main influences are old school grindcore/hardcore punk/noise/old school metal. The source of what was being labelized as grindcore in the end of 80's. Non music wise? Life itself.

11. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands or releases that you would recommend?

Rafael: I listen to all kinds of stuff...from BLACK SABBATH to early SWANS..from MOTÖRHEAD to BRIGADA DO ÓDIO..from early VENOM to CORRUPTED..from early AC/DC to PATARENI...i like music that is played by the heart and that's quite enough for me. A band that i would TOTALLY recommend for those who love brutal stuff..DERANGED INSANE here from Brazil. If you're into grind/noisecore, that's the band! About a release...the split 7" between ARCHAGATHUS and DEATH TOLL 80K that was released by an italian label called Angernoise Rec..go get your fucking copy NOW!

12. Are there any good films or books that you would recommend?

Rafael: Together with music..cinema is a thing that really got me. Sometimes i wonder what would be of me if there weren't music and cinema. I like reading, but that is not a thing that i do everyday as listen to music or watch films. But i'd recommend "The Stranger" from Albert Camus, "Crime And Punishment" from Fiódor Dostoiévski, ANYTHING from Charles Bukowski, "A Short History Of Deacay" from Emil Cioran, anything from Franz Kafka..is a damn shame, but i'm too fucking lazy to read nowadays...even that i like to do it. Now about films...man, i could recommend "Almost Human" from Umberto Lenzi, "Der Todesking" from Jörg Buttgereit, "Ricco - The Mean Machine" from Tulio Demicheli, "The Great Silence" from Sergio Corbucci, "At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul" from José Mojica Marins", "The Big Racket" from Enzo G. Castellari, "Buio Omega" from Joe D'amato, "Dirty Harry" from Don Siegel, "The New York Ripper" from Lucio Fulci, "I Stand Alone" from Gaspar Noe, "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" from Sergio Leone, "Cannibal Holocaust" from Ruggero Deodato, "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" from Jorge Grau, "Deep Red" from Dario Argento...man...a huge list! I could write some films i love until the end of days.

13. How would you describe the grindcore scene in Brazil?

Rafael: Mmm..for me as i told ya before, grindcore is TOTALLY liked with hardcore..if you ask me about only grindcore bands, i'd tell you that ain't so big as LOTS of people who doesn't live here thinks that here we got tons of bands into grindcore and shit..that's no true. But..if you ask me about the hardcore scene as a whole...it is HUGE indeed. Like every part of the whole world..it has some good and bad things

.14. Any final words?


No.15. Thanks for the interview?

Rafel: Thank YOU!

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