Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother Eel/Why Do You Think/CD-R Review

Mother Eel are a band from Austrailia that plays a form of noisy improv grindcore and this is a review of their cdr "Why Do You Think".

Drums have a garage type feel to them with some blast beats mixed with alot of hard drum hits, while the bass playing utilizes a very dark and heavy tone.

Guitars sound really heavy and are mostly rythyms that use mostly power cords and also mix slow riffs with some fast ones as well to to get their point across.

Vocals when they are utilized are mostly high pitched noisecore screams while the song titles are very humorous and you can tell the band has alot of fun with there music.

Production on the cdr sounds raw almost homemade which is a good thing since alot of modern grindcore has professional production and seems boring compared to this band. In my opinion this band has some good ideas and they could one of these days be an influental band. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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