Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mother Eel/Supporting Involuntary Euthenasia/2006 CD Review

Mother Eel are a noise/improv/hardcore/grind band hailing from Australia and this is a review of their 2006 album "Supporting Involuntary Euthanasia".

Drums on this recording utilize some variety with some slow to mid paced beats with some ocassional blast beats, while the bass playing plays the role of a rythym bass and copies the riffs coming out of the guitars but on song 4 I heard a little bit of a bass lead.

Guitars on this cd are mostly slow hardcore type of riffs that contain alot of heaviness and some groove mixed with some noise influences that sound very distorted and the guitars speed up at times to create some fast riffs, and I did not hear any guitar leads.

Vocals are mostly hardcore yells that contain a death metal influence and there are some ocassional high pitched grindcore screams, while the lyrics seem to be about humorous topics.

Production on this recording sound more proffesional than the previous albums I reviewed and you can hear all of the instruments.

In my opinion this album is a good one but I  preffered the older ones which were alot more heavier and had a noisier sound, iother than that this is a good album for this style of music and I would recommend this album to fans of death metal influnenced hardcore.

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