Friday, August 26, 2011

Mother Eel/Short And Greasy Preview/CD-R Review

Mother Eel are a noise/improv/grind band hailing from Australia and this is a review of the Short and Greasy Preview.

Drums sound a little bit more professional on this recording and I can hear some progress from the previous cdr I reviewed and the drum beats rangs from to midpaced and then there are some fast blast beats, while the bass playing has a dark tone that usess alot of rythyms.

Guitars use alot of slow crushing riffs and then they speed up on some songs with no guitar leads being utilized, while the vocals are noise/grind high pitched screams, my cdr does not have any song titles but I assume the lyrics are meant to be humorous.

Production on this recording sounds a little bit more professional on this recording than the previous one but still has the raw and underground feel.

In my opinion this is a good ep and you can hear a little bit more progress, If yiou are a fan of noise/hardcore/grind you will not be disapointed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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