Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wojczech Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with the band these days?
H : We just came back from a 16 days tour with WEEKEND NACHOS which found its end in an insane show in Andy's house. The tour was awesome, we had so much fun with the NACHO-guys, they dig our special sense of humor.
Right just a couple of days before the tour started we finished our new fullength LP “Pulsus Letalis”. That was a shitload of work, pushed me to my boundaries and i had to start the tour kinda burnt out.
S: Indeed, all the years work has been focussed on getting the new lp out for the tour with weekend nachos, i was about to bring over to europe. spring saw 4 gigs with FUCK THE FACTS as well. Back home i am doing a DVD what will be next to put out. In the talks are split vinyls with italians INFERNO, englands KRUPSKAYA and polands SUFFERING MIND. All bands we run long friendships and shared tour memories with as well we’re in love with their sound.

2.How would you describe the musical style that you go for on the new album?
H: It gives me always a hard time to describe our musical style, because i dont think much about it...i would say its a mix between punk, thrash, hardcore, metal and grindcore. Lots of blastbeats with a plenty of black metal riffs. The musical style changed from the last album. The new one is faster, not so much midtempoparts anymore. Its more metal than “Sedimente”.
S: “PULSUS LETALIS” is more straightforward yet with complex riffing. And we sound more vintage actually.

3. What are some of the lyrical topics that you explore with the new release?
H: The Lyrics are about different things. Andys lyrics (songs like “Reduktion”, “Steinzeiten”) are mostly apocalyptic visions of the downfall of mankind or the destruction of the planet through environmental pollution, destructive exploitation of animals and natural resources. Andy wrote also the Lyrics of “Rausch”. They are about the over and over repeated process of getting stoned or drunk, about getting intoxicated with whatever to escape from reality.
Danilos Lyrics like from “67°48’0’’N 12°50’0’’O” and “Izotope” are about things which can happen if somebodys mind explodes under the pressure caused by inner struggles or stupid allday life, boredom, social restrictions, lack of acceptance and love.
“Zitat”and “Weltenfresser” are excerpts Stephan picked from i dont know where. Stephan wrote also the lyrics for “Public Viewing”, its a misanthropic view on the behaviour of soccerfans during the worldchampionship. He works in a place, where it was possible to watch the games in public but around this there were events with sidedocumentations which offered a more critical view on what was going on in southafrica beside all the sensational bullshit. You could see and gather information, how the country and their citizens were fucked over by the FIFA.
“Pulsus Letalis” is a bit difficult to describe, roughly spoken it describes a moment, the fraction of the second, when you realize, that you fucked it up, for example the second befor you crash your car into a concrete wall, or the moment, the fright or the horror in which you recognize that you DON’T strike it lucky this time.
“Maggots in your Coffin” is a cover from REPULSION, i think it does’nt need any explanations ;) .

4. What is the meaning and inspiration behind the band's name?
H: I wonder how many times we were asked about our name. There is no special sense behind this stupid name. Its just a polish name, we picked it up once upon a time for lack of better ideas. It was kind of a joke we used to make these times, calling each other “Wojczech” with the hardest polish accent possible because we consider it funny. It’s always funny when people who are not familiar with slavinoc tongue try to pronounce it.

5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
H: There were a couple of really good shows we played over the years. Right now the fresh impressions from the tour with WEEKEND NACHOS are pretty strong. The last show in andys house was crazy, as i said before. The shows in czech and slovakia are always awesome – nice people, well organized, very attentive audience, good food, ridiculously cheap beer, which tastes better than any other beer. We also had very impressive, intense shows in brazil, indonesia, the would go beyond the scope to tell about this all.
S: Its been so hard to tell over all the years. This band had its best shows ALWAYS far abroad from being home. So its been out of the usual game, our both this years hometown shows kicked in so heavy.We ve been before very chaotic soundwise but pro action stagewise. We got more old, fat and caring about tone and gear actually while playing. Progression?
And we got to say we are none of a festival band. we love the aura of small places with no excessive amplification but face to face crowd. we love to play our backline, having a trust on our tone and no triggered metal drums.

6. What are the touring plans for the new release?
H: We finished a 16 days tour some days ago. Maybe there are a couple of particular shows this year, but we didnt made any solid plans for the next tour.

7. Currently you are signed to SelfMadeGodRecords, how would you describe the support that you have gotten from this label so far?
H: i would’nt say we are signed to SELFMADE GOD RECORDS. Karol seems to like us and he put out the CD-Releases of “Sedimente” and “Pulsus Letalis”. The support we get from Karol is very good. He does all the promotional work. We sent him the Recordings and the artwork, he assembled it for the CD. He sends promocopies to webzines and musicmagazines for reviews, sent us freecopies from the make it short : we are very satisfied with the support from SELFMADE GOD.
S: Its over the top solid work with Karol. The term “signing” can be left out here and replaced with a handshake for true cooperation in common. Karol did both of the cd versions (SEDIMENTE & PULSUS LETALIS). The vinyl is done by me (SENSITIVE WORMRILE), our great pals sven& sandro RSR Records and Ralph HAUNTED HOTEL for the States Distribution.

8. Are there any current side projects besides this band or is this a full time group?
H: Stephan plays Guitar in “Bad Luck Rides On Wheels”, Danilo is doing vocals in “Entrails Massacre”, Andy plays bass in “WHO’S MY SAVIOUR”, i play drums in “ELLEN SCHNEIDER” and try to help Andy out in “WHO’S MY SAVIOUR” since Pierre, the former drmmer quit.

9. How has your music been recieved so far by crust/grind/death fans worldwide?
H: I don’t know...some like it , some of them alot, since Karol from SELFMADE GOD does all this the promotional work for us we got more response.
S: We are an old band that went along all the time with a strong DIY mindset. All this subgenres and labelisations of certain styles we re no part of. Not for the sake of any anti kind of thing. We re just do not fit in one. Its alright we do not take things too serious about that. What always will count for us is live energy and the concrete practice of escape from daily gore with a half of an hour of manic structured assault.

10. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
H: The songs became more serious, musically and lyrically. We became a bit better on our instruments, the songwriting is much more detailed. The music changes all the time, influenced by what sorrounds us, the experiences we make, the music we are listen to, our personal moods. I can’t say how our songs will sound in acouple of years or next week. We write the songs like it suits our plans in the moment.
S: its quite progressive. we are tryin to push the boundaries of intensity from point zero out of every jam situation. No songs are written upfront. Its all agreed and bent over jamming.

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
H: Actually i can’t tell which bands have influenced the music we make, for sure there are a lot of bands which influence us but i cant pick out a single one. Its a mix of ‘em all. I think you can here that in our songs. Also i feel more influenced by other drummers like for example Derek Roddy (he is my hero).
Nowadays i like a lot of Bands, too many to count. Its too much different stuff, it wouldnt make sense to list them. Right now while i answer these interviewquestions i listen to the records i bought on tour which are: Grails, Heirs, Celeste, Melvins, Avenger...
S: If to speak for grind its atrocity (US), Discordance Axis and Assück. i am done with my ears when i come home, so i require music with no concrete information. but a good powerviolence “7 for breakfast.

12. Outside of music what are some of your interests?
H: I like whisky, watching movies, hanging out with friends, i like to do graphical stuff on the computer, i love comics... at this time i have a weakness for HiFi Speakers, unfortunately i am always short on money....
S: I put on shows, cut videos and got no time left for other than music and its media interests. If i would have i would run a small garden as i love to cook and prepare food as method of relaxation.

13. Any final words or thoughts before we close this interview?

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